Churchill Corporate Communications Inc. is a full-service communications firm. We offer expertise in corporate and employee communications, media relations and issue management, as well as editorial services and media and presentation skills training. Our business philosophy is simple and timeless:

Churchill @ Toronto City Hall

A leader unable to articulate their ideas cannot inspire others to share them. Equally, many people do not know their own opinions until they hear them expressed by someone else.

At Churchill, helping you communicate is a vocation. That’s why our clients benefit from receiving the care and attention to detail they expect and deserve. Our approach is simple: “Treat every client as if they were our only client.”


Founded in 1998, Churchill provides strategic results-oriented communications counsel, advice and support to a host of clients.

Named in honour of the most effective communicator of the 20th Century, Sir Winston Churchill, we like to think our firm has the same inspiring spirit, wit and charm embodied by this remarkable man. Consider giving us an opportunity to mobilize language on your behalf and help you achieve your goals.

Our Logo

Churchill Corporate Communications Inc.

In his day, political cartoonists liked to draw similarity between Churchill’s face and that of a bulldog. Matched in expression with the breed’s characteristic stability, strength and courage, the temptation to draw Churchill in this way was difficult to resist.

Our design incorporates an exclamation mark for the dog’s collar as a humorous and subtle acknowledgement of how copy can be enhanced through great design.